Coir fibres are harvested from between the husk and shell of coconuts. Coir has long been used in flooring as it is hard-wearing and a good value alternative to carpet. The weave is looser than other natural floorcoverings which gives a more rustic appearance. Doormats are also commonly made from coir.

Sisal, Tiger's Eye

Coir Herringbone



Seagrass is one of the most popular natural floorcoverings and provides good value for money. Being naturally stain resistant, this flooring can be used almost anywhere. It is also used in furniture and can be woven like rattan. Seagrass can not easily be dyed so comes in a smaller range of natural colours.

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Sisal is a hardwearing and durable floorcovering which can be woven into many different designs, and can also be dyed to produce varying colours. Sisal is often used to make rope and twine. Maintaining sisal flooring is straightforward as it does not build up static or collect dust. Hoovering will keep the flooring in good condition.



Jute is the softest of these natural floorcoverings making it a comfortable option for living spaces and bedrooms. Jute fibres are also known as hessian. Due to its flexibility, Jute can be woven into many different patterns and can also be dyed.

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Why choose natural?


Natural flooring is often chosen for its durability and has been a designer's choice for many years. The natural tones complement both modern and traditrional interiors providing character and texture. J Hayden Carpets has over 20 year's experience in the supply and fitting of natural flooring in homes and businesses and we also make bespoke rugs from sisal, seagrass, coir and jute. Natural rugs can be bordered with a wide range of cotton and linen bindings, as well as, leather and suede.