Carpet whipping


Carpet whipping involves machining the edge of a carpet to create a neat and pratical border. This prevents fraying and helps to increase the lifetime of your rug. We use 80/20 wool yarn and can choose a matching or complementary colour from our extensive range of whipping yarns. Whipped carpets are well suited to stair runners, car mats, boats, caravans, classic cars and for rugs from room sized to bath mats.

Foxi Anti-slip

Carpet whipping

Carpet binding


Binding is the process of machine sewing tape to the edge of a carpet or natural floor covering to give a neat, bordered finish. Tapes can be made from cotton, linen, leather and suede and results in stunning finish to your rugs and staircases. Customers are also welcome to supply their own edgings for us to machine bind.

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Carpet fringing


Fringing gives rugs a traditional tassel edge on each end. We are also able to replace worn or damage fringes which are commonly found on oriental rugs. All of our fringed edgings are sewn by hand in a  traditional way.

Foxi Anti-slip


We recommend Foxi to all our customers as we feel it is the most effective anti-slip product on the market. This product is a light, tackified underlay that is placed underneath rugs on any surface to stop movement. It is available in three widths and we can cut to size from our roll stock.

Hand carpet binding


Hand binding is a traditional technique used to seal carpet edges leaving an almost invisible border. The finish is very hard-wearing and ideal for areas of high traffic in homes and busines premises. Hand binding is a desirable finish often used in heritage projects such as churches and stately homes.


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Rug fringing